Kinlochbervie to Ullapool


Kinlochbervie to Ullapool

Visiting London on a budget

London! Im coming for you!

On the Luce

I lived in London for over ten years, and still go back there almost once a month. But there’s one thing I have really started to notice since I moved away, and that’s how expensive it can be. Ticket prices to the main attractions, meals out, a few drinks – they all start to add up scarily quickly.

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My second year On the Luce

On the Luce

The last week has seen two birthdays as this blog reached its second anniversary and I well and truly entered my mid 30s! It’s been a great year ‘On the Luce’ and I want to thank all the new readers of the site that have come on board this year, as well as saying a special thank you to those that have stuck with me from the beginning.

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Life Lately in Photos

Tulle and Trinkets

Indianapolis Zoo Flamingo

Such a bizarre, but pretty, bird.

Indianapolis Zoo GiraffeSweet-faced giraffe at the Indianapolis Zoo.

Indianapolis Zoo Butterflies

Amazing, aren’t they?

White River Gardens

Lavender, a beautiful sight and scent.


Sunbathing Nikki.

TGIF! Chris has been out of town all week for work, so this week has been a quiet one, just me and the cats. I’m really looking forward to him getting back home today!

Any big plans for the weekend? We’ll be sticking around here for the most part since Chris has been on the road all week, but there is a bbq and beer tasting festival on Saturday in the next town over that I think we might stop by. ‘Tis the season for festivals, right?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

PS – We took the first four photos at the Indianapolis Zoo last Sunday. It was a scorcher, but so fun!

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22nd July, Iftar


On 22nd July, I went out for Iftar with the lovely people. We had nando’s over at Plaza Singapura right after school finishes at at 4. We walked around the mall till 6.15 and went over to nando’s and found a table.

Most of us had quarter chicken with 2 other sides and bottomless drinks.

So my verdict for the food; 7/10. The chicken was really tender anf the seasoning was well absorbed. However, the sauce that was not that likeable. It had a tinge of both saltiness and sourness. Maybe my Asian tongue is not used to the Mexican sauce.


After the sumptuous meal at Nando’s,  we continued “pump”-ing dessert at Secret Recipe. I had Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese Cake which was rather “diabetic”.


But I would personally recommend their Pecan Butterscotch Cheesecake.

This iftar session was a successful and fun one. So looking forward to Hari Raya with them.


Can’t wait for fasting month to be over and resume getting fit. I miss the pool and running. Plus, a new addition the ‘Fit Tree’, a pair of 3kg dumb bells. Time to get that arms tight and toned!Image

I die a little inside whenever I see someone aged eating alone.

I would rather …

I would rather be alone than have friends who judge and are not true to me.

Bandung trip



Bandung trip day 1 part 1



Bandung trip day 1 part 2



Bandung trip day 2



Bandung trip day 3

Had an enjoyable holiday with my family. Lots of shopping done and the price and quality of the items very satisfactory. I am looking forward to going there again.

We also went to Jakarta and Puncak for some sightseeing. It was a really eye opening experience. Imagine little girls about 5 year old wandering around the street trying to sell newspapers to people so as to earn a little money. It is really sad.

There were so many street peddlers and beggers. i had never seen this before, it makes me feel appreciative of what I have now and to be grateful for the life that God has granted me with. Alhamdulillah.

As we were on our way from Puncak to Bandung, we went past villages, the conditions of the houses there was something I had never imagined. The thought that went through my mind was “We live under the same sky but our lives are vastly different”