So today my family and I gave a surprise to my younger cousin, Mariah. Well, this is an advanced celebration as her birthday falls on 4th August.

This was planned a few weeks back in July. She didn’t have a clue on the plans that we had. All of us knew except for her.

So we planned to get her favourite delicacy, suhi, and a cake from Polar and knock on the door the moment its time to break fast.

She began getting suspicious because my aunt cooked a whole of extra portion of food and extra pizzas and told her that they would be eating the extras for pre dawn meal the next morning. Also, she whatsapp-ed me asking what I was doing but I lied to her that I was busy with school and had forgotten that it was her birthday the next day.

So we went to get cake and sushi over clementi. Our plan to surprise exactly when the Muslim Prayer Chant was heard almost failed. There was not any available taxis in sight and we were running late.

Thank God we rushed fast enough to be able to make it in time!!

This is the picture of Polar’s new carrot cake. It tasted almost the same as my mum’s fruit cake but with cream cheese. And of course my mum’s fruit cake tasted better.


The pictures of the food.



Photo credit: Mariah, the birthday girl.

Yeap, today was a fun day. Thank God for my family!


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