Had an enjoyable last-day-of-July with my family. We went around town for break fast and we did a little bit of shopping.

We break our fast at Ayar Bakar (Grilled Chicken) Ojolali located at Lucky Plaza. All of you should try this. Trust me, what I recommend won’t go wrong. (Hehehe)


The chicken gravy is so nice and so is the sambal (the chilli sauce). It is definitely worth the tears. Yes, it is that spicy that it will make you cry.

Well, this wasn’t my first time dining there. Been there a couple of times.

Heres a quick info, our driver for the Bandung trip back in March told us that Ojolali is a town in Bandung.  Therefore, theres a possibility that the owner of the shop is from Bandung.

After our break fast, we went over to Cineleisure’s leftfoot to get my Vans Surf Siders (the one on the left).


I first saw that pair of shoes on Vans website and was hoping that it is available in Singapore. Soon enough, leftfoot uploaded a picture of it on Instagram.

Ouh yeah, me and my mum headed over to Far East to get a pair of sandals from Leather Ark before we went to Lucky Plaza.

Then my brother treated us to dessert at Cold Stone. It was my virgin try. I created my own flavour which was Peanut butter with oreo and Reese’s peanut butter cup mix in.


It was a bit diabetic. Next time I would want to try dark chocolate with peanut butter cup and oreo mix in.

Yeap, that is about it for today. Really had an enjoyable day. Thank God for blessing me with such and awesome family.


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