Today, was a pretty stressful day. Well, this week have been and will be stressful.

Spent the entire day studying PIC with no absolute idea on what the format of the common test questions will be like.

To make things worse, I have not studied for AC paper in Friday. I know I shouldn’t study at the very last minute. Well, what have been done can’t be undone.

Today, I poured out my heart to Allah swt. I prayed that he’ll give me Guidance and that what I have studied will be fruitful.

The peaceful feeling I have inside my heart is indescribable.

Tonight marks the final 10 days of Ramadhan. MasyaAllah, how time flies this Ramadhan.

InsyaAllah this year I’ll be able to become a better Muslim and to perform rituals for Lailatul Qadr, which is the odd-numbered day of the final 10 days in Ramadhan.

That’s it for today. Yes, I’ll try to update my blog regularly.

Till then.


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