On 22nd July, I went out for Iftar with the lovely people. We had nando’s over at Plaza Singapura right after school finishes at at 4. We walked around the mall till 6.15 and went over to nando’s and found a table.

Most of us had quarter chicken with 2 other sides and bottomless drinks.

So my verdict for the food; 7/10. The chicken was really tender anf the seasoning was well absorbed. However, the sauce that was not that likeable. It had a tinge of both saltiness and sourness. Maybe my Asian tongue is not used to the Mexican sauce.


After the sumptuous meal at Nando’s,  we continued “pump”-ing dessert at Secret Recipe. I had Strawberry Marshmallow Cheese Cake which was rather “diabetic”.


But I would personally recommend their Pecan Butterscotch Cheesecake.

This iftar session was a successful and fun one. So looking forward to Hari Raya with them.


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