This picture above is a picture of my motivation. She has made the malay community in Singapore real proud with her wonderful achievements. This picture is Hidayah at her graduation ceremony at Cambridge University. Believe me when i say Cambridge is one of her many universities she received her education from.

I first knew her when I collected my brother’s bursary from LBKM at Singapore Polytechnic. She gave a motivational talk for the people who attended; proud parents and recipients. She told the story of a broken mug, her own real life story.

When she was persuing her education in tertiary level, she went for a student exchange trip at Cambridge University. She brought back home a mug as a souvenir. A few years after that, when she was at home washing the mug, she broke it. She was so devastated as at that point of time, she was very determined that she could not get it replaced as she thought she will never have a chance to step into Cambridge again. But what her mum told her next motivated her to persue her education at Cambridge. She said in a tender and motherly voice, “what makes you think won’t be able to go there again? InsyaAllah, with your hard work and determination you will be able to go there again. Don’t lose hope.”

True enough, she made it to Cambridge and graduated, Alhamdulillah.

Another aspect motivation is how she gives back to the society. She goes around the world helping the needy. As a saying goes, “Give more than what you take.”

What she has done for the society and people around the world has inpsired me to become a better person and not just live life within my own boundaries.

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